Welcome To MAMIMUMAUCTION Help Page.

Here you will find everything you need to know for using this free Classified Website.

First when you visit this website for the first time, Sign UP.

TO Sign up click on the Sign UP top right side of this website as shown bellow:

The Sign up page will appear. 

Select your seller type. 

Private - If you are selling your own stuff without business.

Sales Agent - IF you selling on someones behalf.

Company - If selling is your profession.

Upload your Photo and Photo ID. This is very important step. If you don`t upload your ID and Photo, your account will be deleted. Simply click Choose File and upload both files.

Fill up all other information. For business fill up the GST. For private and agent, you can skip.


Finally check everything once more and click submit button to finish.

Congratulation. You have registered successfully.


After registration you can start listing ITEM in

To list an item simply click Sign In or top right side:

Then type your email and password to login.

After Sign in you can click on Free Post Ads to start listing ads.

Select Category and Sub-Category.

Upload maximum 5 image or minimum one image.

To upload image click on Select image button, then select the image to upload.

Type Heading, Enter Amount, Location, City, Address, Description of the item, Product condition, and Product Status.

Heading: Type any short description of the item you selling like Iphone 5S Unlock.

Enter Amount: This is your selling price for the Item. Example 450

Location: Select your state.

City: Type your city. Like Chicago

Enter Address: Item address or location. This address will be visible in the listing map.

Description: Explain here why your product is better then others. You can add image, Copy from web. Add youtube video etc to make your product attractive. This will help selling your product faster.

Condition: Old or New

Product Status: 

                          Public: Ads will be visible to everyone. Cost your 5 point

                          Private: Ads will be visible to your only. ost your 5 point

                          Feature Item: Ads will be visible to everyone plus on the Feature section. This will cost your 10 point.  

After that check everything once more. Select if your mobile will be visible in ads. First one is visible and second one will not be visible.

Click Submit button to list your ads.


Managing Your Ads. After listing ads you can manage your ads in many ways. This section will explain them.

First after inserting every ads you will be able to video them, edit them and delete them for your profile. 

To go there click Top right side where you see Welcome {YourName}. Then select My Profile.

Then you will see something like this:

 Click edit profile to change your name, address etc. Note you can not upload ID photo again. You can only change your profile picture.

Same page on the left side you will see more option as following:

You will see 5 option:

    Change Password: You can change your password.

    Update Membership:You can but more credit if your credit is over. Remember every month credit is renewed for free users. If you need more credit then you can buy using PayPal.


    Select the amount of credit you need and click upgrade. This will redirect to paypal page. You can pay there and your account credit will be added. Credit you need to feature item and list items.

Credit History: If you purchase membership, you will be able to track your expenses here.

My Post List: Here you will be able to see all your ads. You can delete them, edit them and block ads from public view.

         Click the first icon to stop broadcasting your ads. The ads will be there but not visible to public. You can click again to start broadcasting again.

         Second icon will allow your to edit your ads. You can change image, title and everything else.

         Third option is to delete the ads.

 Product Bump: You can rearrange your products here. Because listing more and more items on each category by many users can take your ads far away.

        So you can go here. Click bump product and then drag and drop item up and down to rearrange. Suppose you posted a video game console

         in game console category. Your ads now in third page of Game console category category. So you can drag that product up and your item will

         be visible on the first page of the game console category.

Simply drag the item and push up. Save and your are done.


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